All great things must come to an end! By the middle of August, MailTeam as a product and its services will be retired from the market.
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MailTeam gives you the power and alignment you need to get the most out of Gmail and do your best work.

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We help customer support teams work more effectively by transforming Gmail into a collaborative communication tool for shared inbox and realtime web-chat interactions.

We help customer support teams work more effectively by transforming Gmail into a collaborative communication tool for shared inbox and realtime web-chat interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MailTeam work?Open question arrow

It's easy as pie!

When signing up for MailTeam, first you need to verify your Google account. Just after verifying your identity, you’re able to set up a shared inbox by adding your shared account email (usually something like support@ or @help) and inviting your colleagues to join. Almost done – MailTeam starts forwarding a copy of every customer email to your agents' work accounts. The last step is adding the MailTeam Gmail Add-on (you can install it from here) and starting to interact with your customer emails in a completely fresh way. You can assign them to team members, add comment feeds for some email threads, create shared templates, and more. Check all of our features here!

Do I need a Gmail Account to use MailTeam?Open question arrow
Yes, MailTeam works exclusively with Google and requires a Gmail account to work.
Does MailTeam work with Gmail on my mobile phone?Open question arrow

MailTeam is a Google Add-on, so of course, you can!

Most Customer Service tools are Chrome Extensions with mobile limitations, that allows you to use only some of their features while working on your smartphone. But not us! MailTeam is 100% MailTeam – no matter which device you use.

Do I have to use a specific browser?Open question arrow

Nope, Sir/Madam! We’re not really into limitations.

As Google Add-on, MailTeam allows you to use any browser you want. Or even a few different browsers at the same time! We are part of Google's infrastructure, so there’s practically no limit.

What data do you get from Google APIs?Open question arrow
You can find information about this in our Privacy Policy.
Which account should I sign up with?Open question arrow
We recommend creating an account with the Gmail account you'll use as your first agent admin – usually, work account. After you sign up you can add a shared mailbox address (like "support@") and invite your colleagues to join MailTeam.
Is MailTeam secure?Open question arrow
MailTeam is built with security and privacy as a top priority. That’s why we are hosted on AWS infrastructure, most data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and only a few people have access to the production environment. No one can read your emails or mess with your data unless you give them explicit permission to do so. We don’t store the content of your emails – we use only metadata, which is being treated with special care.
Why MailTeam is safer than other customer service tools?Open question arrow
Most of the competitors’ products are Chrome extensions, and we all know those should be way more secure. But they aren’t, as they manipulate HTML in the browser. When using them you have to be aware that at some point everything you do in your browser can fly away to some cloud. MailTeam is not a Chrome extension, but Google’s Add-on. And with Google Add-ons, you get Google’s security level. Makes sense, right?
Is MailTeam GDPR compliant?Open question arrow
Of course. Our company is registered in European Union, so there’s no way we wouldn’t comply with GDPR. You can review our extensive privacy policy, and terms of service that aim for full GDPR compliance.
How do I delete MailTeam from my account?Open question arrow

Don’t want to use MailTeam anymore? 😢 Here’s what you can do:

💔 deleting access to a certain shared mailbox. If your account is the last active one associated with this mailbox, all of its data will be deleted as well.

💔 deleting your MailTeam account - in addon, open the dropdown menu and click "Exit MailTeam", then follow the instructions. Keep in mind that in order to do this you can not have access to any shared mailbox first.

💔 deleting MailTeam's access to your account – you can do it here. This will effectively disable your access to all of our features. You can regain access to your data by following the OAuth flow again.

💔 completely uninstalling MailTeam Add-on - follow the instructions here.

How much MailTeam costs?Open question arrow

Right now it’s COMPLETELY FREE! 🎉

However we plan to create a paid version too, but we promise it’s going to be affordable – we’re not the ones who financially punish you for adding new MailTeam users, so our price will be the same, no matter how many people belong to your (super)team. But it doesn’t mean there will be no free version anymore – we’ll still give you the opportunity to use our basic features.