All great things must come to an end! By the middle of August, MailTeam as a product and its services will be retired from the market.

Provide context to your emails

Provide context to your emails

Sometimes there’s a need to share additional information with your email reply in order to help your teammates understand the intention or nuances of the conversation with the customer.

MailTeam helps you to share any information with the team through email comments.

Email Comments
Email Comments Screenshot

Discuss internally before you hit the Reply button

Using comments on the conversation with the customer can help to make an internal communication seamless and well documented. All info you want to pass on will appear right next to the email thread you’re discussing.

Wait, there is more!

Email delegation is a great feature that turns customer support into teamwork. But there is more! MailTeam extends Gmail with more features that help with effective email collaboration.

Enable email collaboration in Gmail

Don’t let your customers wait.