All great things must come to an end! By the middle of August, MailTeam as a product and its services will be retired from the market.

The best team inbox for customer support

The best team inbox for customer support

The email wasn’t designed for team collaboration. Forward’s, CC’s and Reply-all’s get annoying fast, and sometimes it’s hard to find out who’s working on what. And you don’t want to end up with the disappointment of the multiple replies, messages, and unhappy customers, do you?

MailTeam overcomes this hassle with the email delegation feature.

Email Delegation
Email Delegation Screenshot

Get work done with email delegation

Say goodbye to the chaos, and share your workload by assigning emails to specific people on your team. That way, everyone knows which messages they're responsible for, and nothing gets lost.

Wait, there is more!

Email delegation is a great feature that turns customer support into efficient teamwork. But that’s not all, folks! MailTeam extends Gmail with more features that help with effective email collaboration.

Enable email collaboration in Gmail

Don’t let your customers wait.