All great things must come to an end! By the middle of August, MailTeam as a product and its services will be retired from the market.

Don’t get lost in the maze of customer conversations

Don’t get lost in the maze of customer conversations

Ever experienced not knowing the status of conversations with your customers? Keeping that under control will become even harder as your business grows.

This is where MailTeam goes in, with the email status function.

Email Status
Email Status Screenshot

Keep your hand on a pulse

You will never have to ask around or ping on your team to identify the status of emails – in MailTeam every message has a status that’s visible to all members of your Customer Support team.

Wait, there is more!

Email status is a great feature that turns customer support into efficient teamwork. But that’s not all, folks! MailTeam extends Gmail with more features that help with effective email collaboration.

Enable email collaboration in Gmail

Don’t let your customers wait.