All great things must come to an end! By the middle of August, MailTeam as a product and its services will be retired from the market.

Transform your most effective email into templates

Transform your most effective email into templates

The struggle of getting the same questions over and over again is real and you may feel like constantly repeating yourself. In MailTeam, we don’t like it when people get frustrated, so we have a solution that will help you to stay calm.

Email Templates
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Answer emails with the speed of life

Turn your most powerful messages into templates and create a library of templates and snippets your team members can access directly in their inbox.

Wait, there is more!

Email templates are a great feature that turns customer support into efficient teamwork. But that’s not all, folks! MailTeam extends Gmail with more features that help with effective email collaboration.

Enable email collaboration in Gmail

Don’t let your customers wait.